Drop Single Man Like He’s Hot

Drop Him Like He’s Hot

Aside from the guy who has to put his mouth on a breathalyzer in order to start his car, there are several other itty bitty signs that a guy is not dating material. And unfortunately, they’re often signs that you would probably dismiss at first glance.


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I will remind you ladies, these facts are non-negotiable. It is in your best interest to limit your time with these guys, even as friends, because they have the ability to suck the life and energy out of you.

1. Guy who always assumes you’re available.
Always available for him, might I add. I was just discussing this with a co-worker the other day. She had dated a loser for about a month, then he broke up with her because the sky was cloudy or his sandwich was cold, or something. Six months later, he calls her out of the blue and wants her to stop by his house after work?

When something like this happens, our first instinct as women is to think, “Oh, well maybe he has come to his senses and now he’s ready to date?” Or “Maybe he just misses me and finally realizes what he lost?” No. No. And more no. He just got dumped and he’s lonely, end of story. Here’s how you should feel: offended. Why? Because with that one phone call this guy assumed: A.) You are single; B.) You want to hang out with him after he screwed you over; C.) You are going to drop everything the minute he calls you. What about all those times you called him when you were upset? Did he care? Did he answer the phone?

2. Guy who lacks manners.
No, I’m not referring to table etiquette. I realize that people no longer have the same level of politeness or respect as they did in my parent’s generation…. generally, thatis. And I am also aware that college guys still have a lot of growing up to do. However, it is a scientific fact that people develop certain patterns as children, which follow them throughout their lives. Little signs can usually be indicators that a guy is not dating material. For example, you may not care if a guy opens a door for you or not,  but when a guy does do that, what message does it send to you? That he has a general respect for women. Same thing with a guy who is constantly getting into trouble with authority, what does that tell you? Other than the fact that your parents will hate him, it shows that he will probably never do well in an environment where he is being controlled (ex: a real-life job).

3. Guy who always needs a ride. 
When I say ride, I really mean that he is just a user. (Not a drug user, that’s a conversation for another day.) This is a difficult one for women because we are natural-born nurturers and helpers. I have known so, so many guys like this in my life. They are always “between jobs,” or their car is broken down, or they need your expertise finishing that English paper. Learn how to spot users quickly, or before you know it, you will have wasted a lot of time and energy.

4. Guy who can’t return a movie on time.
I realize that I just narrowed down about 1/3 of the male population with that statement. But the bigger picture here is: responsibility. I dated this guy for about four years during college. He was amazing, but I cannot tell you how many times I’d get into his half-running Volkswagen and see a movie that we rented a month ago. This infuriated me because I just could not wrap my mind around he could avoid doing something that was so easy and would end up costing him like a hundred bucks. Was he just that forgetful? Did he just love throwing away money? Did he enjoy being banned from movie rental stores? WHAT WAS THE PROBLEM!?

I still don’t know. All I do know is that it occurred to me that if a guy cannot handle returning a movie, then he cannot handle much.

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